Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday's List

Magazines, magazines, magazines - I adore them.  Above are the magazines we subscribe to.  Some of these are subscribed gifts from my sister-in-law.  She's great!

Anyhoo, I prefer tangible magazines over the intangible digital versions.  I like the thought of snipping pages, making collages, putting together a color palette, and sniffing the pages (weird but admit it, you've done it too).  One of my favorite things to do in the world is going to a bookstore, getting coffee, and reading stacks of magazine ranging from domestic, food, technology, entertainment, and fashion.  My ultimate ME time.

One bad experience with magazines - a little girl knocked on our door raising money for a school fundraiser, we subscribed to the Home and Garden magazine that never made it in our mailbox.  Never again will we be suckered by DTD (door-to-door) sales people... I don't care how cute they are.
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  1. I prefer tangible too! Not the same electronically. I have a hodge podge of subscriptions thanks to American Airlines miles. Since I could use my miles before they expired, they offered me 2 yr subscriptions to magazines of my choice : Traveler, Wine Spectator, Glamour, Self, Lucky, Money, This Old House, Wired, Fitness, O(prah) LOL

    1. Great choice of magazines! Must check out Wired and Traveler. :-)