Thursday, May 24, 2012

Photo A Day May: Something New

#PhotoADayMay - Something New - Way To Go Head Support
I am now following Fat Mum Slim's blog and participate (as much as possible) in the Photo-A-Day list of daily photos to take via Android Instagram.  All my PhotoADay photos are in my tumblr account, but here it's much more detailed.

So, something new.  We received our order from yesterday of the Boppy Head Support and some Multi Sensory Silicone Teether.  Decided to take a photo of the head support since it's easy and I'm just not in the mood to post something philosophically new.  We decided on the Bobby Head Support since Maksim's head is all over the place when in his stroller and car seat.  He wants out of both and ends up bopping his head all over the place.  We're also very uncomfortable seeing his head angled, not supported.  But it's funny that ever since our baby was born - most of the things purchased and being purchased are for him.  It's like all interest shifted to our little boy and our wants got put in the back burner... and we're perfectly satisfied with that.  Parenting, it truly changes a person.
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