Friday, September 9, 2011

Work Life:
The Green Screen and The Treadmill


Over Labor Day Weekend, Dre cleaned the garage, designated a section, and then built a green screen studio for our production business. Building a studio is more cost effective than renting a studio by the hour elsewhere. The studio is not completely done and the garage will need to go through a major transformation but it's good enough to record a couple of takes for stock footage and etc.

Below is a long story - it's the treadmill I bought from Meijer back in college circa 2001. My roommate and I fit this treadmill in her little GEO car and then moved it up three flights of stairs to our tiny dorm room. As cheap as it was, it served me well throughout the years... until now. Dre got this brilliant idea of using the treadmill as a prop for the green screen -- which allows people to walk in place. He took it apart and is going to paint it green.

Usually I get attached to things that have sentimental value - but for this purpose I surely didn't mind. Ok... I got a little emotional. As much as I love my 10 year old cheap ($200) treadmill, life is about moving on. Hopefully I'll get a new one (an upgrade) for my birthday or for Christmas. *fingers crossed* Nonetheless... overall a great idea that will benefit the business in many ways.

In all other news, in another section of our garage, I finally organized shoes that had been boxed up since we moved in our house a little over two years ago. Kind of sad that I've abandoned them for sooo long. I need to sew a curtain for these shelves and get some kind of dust cloths to keep them from looking too old.

I haven't really had the motivation to purchase shoes for the past year so my collection is completely outdated - even the more relevant shoes in my closet are obsolete. Of recent I've been extremely picky when it comes to shoes - they not only have to look fabulous, they have to be comfortable enough for me to walk a mile in.
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