Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Kitchen Tragedy of Summer 2010
Oven, May You Rest In Peace

{ 07.24.2010: Oven Explosion }

July of last year I baked a boxed meal, Au Gratin Potatoes, for a last minute gig. Put the mix in Pyrex and shoved it in the oven. Ten minutes later there was an explosion then a burning aroma permeated the house causing the pets to bark hysterically. We checked the oven and the devastation above was the eyesore we had to face.

After cleaning the mess, the oven never worked the same again. At first it took 30 minutes to preheat it, then six months later 60 minutes, then 90, then 120, then it was a touch and go gamble - will it work or not? Of recent it preheats to 100 degrees and maintains the temperature. Frustrating! I haven't baked anything for almost a week and am getting a divatude because of it.

To fix it will cost more than purchasing a new one so we're getting a new stove top / oven this weekend. I can hardly wait. I can't believe I'm excited to go appliance store hopping.

Cooking this week is on hiatus - however the joys of cooking will commence once again next week.
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