Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday's List:
A Few Of My Favorite Things

I couldn't get that Sound of Music Song, A Few Of My Favorite Things, out of my head today so I decided to make a list of my current top favorite things.

Artistic photography and design have been my obsession lately. I've been voracious for anything I could get my hands on. On Valentine's Day, the hubby took me to the Camera shop and being there made me feel so dang good. Who knew? He got me a Wireless Remote Control for my Nikon - which means we can take more pictures of us this spring with just a click of a button. Excitement running through my veins.

Nonetheless, life is still good... can't complain except for a few things looming over my head that I can't wait to get done... hopefully soon because it's starting to get to me.
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