Monday, February 21, 2011

Claiming Back The Space

A few months ago, in an attempt to multitask and get more out of my time, I mindlessly ate lunch in front of the television tuned in to my guilty pleasure channel, HGTV. At that specific time, there was a show that featured a family who had problems selling their house. Then entered the staging expert and a few realtors who made assessments to the interior of the house. It was kind of sad because the married couple allowed their children to take over their house. The hallways were filled with kid stuff, the walls were covered with pictures of their children, their master bedroom got turned into a play area, and the couple slept in a tiny room with their children. What a mess!

The show actually got me to think... I judged the married couple for letting their children claim the whole house when I was doing the exact same thing with my adorable darlings. It had to stop. We claimed back our house and our lives from letting the pets rule it. It was VERY liberating. We've already claimed back: the hallway, the guest room, the dining room (no more contract workers and meetings allowed in that room), and the workout room (Jean-the-Cat's room *Zhan*). In another blog post in the future, I'll write about how we built a separate litter room for the cat... fully equipped with ventilation and what not.

But now we claimed back the workout room. I spent the whole morning cleaning it and I dare not post a pic of the before. ha ha! For a few months it had become the storage room and the cat's litter room - we hardly went in there. Nonetheless, since that problem has been solved, we have the workout room back - also a conference room. It's kind of funny that my college furniture ended up in that room. I had the treadmill and the mini fridge in my college dorm room. What a riot. The microwave was from Dre's bachelor days, and the kitchen table and the chairs were from my first apartment in college. I love it. It makes me smile, especially since I love that room now. A few tweaks to do as far as decorating, but it will do.
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