Sunday, November 28, 2010

#39 - Visit the Millennium Park in Chicago

Challenge 39 - Visit the Millennium Park in Chicago
Date Met: 11.27.2010

The Chicago Bean at Millennium Park

My whole family did the unconventional Thanksgiving Holiday this year by skipping town to explore Chicago and its suburbs. We had a small Thanksgiving dinner at our hotel suite, then roamed around town (some opted to sleep in, watch movies, and relax). But on Saturday afternoon, Dre, Izzy, and I hit Millennium Park, thus fulfilling number 39 on my 101 Things to do list. I expected the bean to be twice as big but it was still beautiful though. An exciting experience nonetheless. We would have stayed longer but it was uber cold and crowded. I'd love to go back when during the summer so that I can take decent pictures without my fingers getting numb. But for now, enjoy the pictures below.

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