Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Get a retweet from one of the accounts I follow on twitter.

Goal Achieved: 
March 25, 2013

I used to dislike twitter with a passion until my facebook newsfeed started to look like endless memes that simply annoyed me. The audience in twitter is smaller and less judgmental so it became my voice. I still use facebook to comment on what others say, but most of my updating is through my twitter.

One of my favourite things about this social media site is following accounts I adore, one of them being Pride & Prejudice - the 2005 movie adaptation of the classic literature. Granted, the movie has similarities and differences from the book, but I simply appreciate everything about the film: interpretation, cast, filmography, and music

I admit, Matthew Macfadyen as Mr. Darcy totally won me over. He put a spell on me throughout the movie and I became mesmerized by the intensity of his stare. Behind his eyes revealed the complexity of the human nature to understand, to love, hate, trust, accept, and forgive. I swooned and melted, my heart did a loop-de-loop. The feeling felt like being in love all over again. My husband is a good sport about my being in love with Mr. Darcy, ha ha, and he seems to view my little crush as some form of entertainment. Every time I go on and on about Mr. Darcy, he just rolls his eyes. 

Anyway, so the retweet - I was excited. It's very hard to get a retweet from a celebrity or a popular account. It's a small goal, but I'll take it! 
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