Thursday, August 4, 2011

How To Properly Boil Eggs
And Etcetera

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Yesterday I went treasure hunting at consignment stores looking for anything vintage that would add value to my life and simultaneously allow me to appreciate history. I love going to second hand stores and antique stores for this sole purpose because most of the items sold are pure treasures. But nonetheless, I have been searching high and low for Betty Crocker's New Picture Cookbook that was published in 1961. Sure there are copies available for purchase online ranging from $9 - $200 but I wanted to leaf through the pages first before deciding to purchase. Instead I found a more vintage Betty Crocker cookbook published in 1956:

This cookbook is a gem! I love the way the pages smell. It also has many entries filled with advice, tips, proper etiquette, how to's, meaning of terms, how to properly freeze meats, how to properly set a table, meal planning, and a ton of other things that I find highly entertaining that only grandmothers know about that I've never learned. For instance, I never properly knew how to boil eggs until yesterday. Our boiled eggs usually turn out too hard and difficult to peel. It's such an awesome cookbook because it teaches one to make things from scratch, not out of a box. I spent a good hour and a half leafing through its pages, yet I still missed a ton of stuff... still I learned so much from it.

Below are fun pages from the cookbook. In the future, I will post recipes from it as well.

I believe cooking, food, and recipes back then were so much better and wholesome than today's. It also has that warm, grandmother cooked, home made feel that I've been searching for my whole life. What a treasure.

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