Sunday, January 27, 2008

What's Been Going On

Wedding planning is extremely fun. Last night we had a conference call with Pastor Vic regarding the pre-marital counseling. It's easier than I thought. Dre and I have harmonious core values as far as living and raising a family. There will definitely be adjustments the first year of marriage, but there is nothing too big that we cant fix.

Today Dre and I met with our cake baker and finalized every detail- absolutely divine. I LOVE CAKE!!! YUM!!! I cant wait to see the final product.

We also finalized our ceremonial music - live string quartet. Tonight the musicians played for us and as soon as they played the wedding march, I was inundated with unexplainable emotion that almost caused the tears to flow down my cheeks. Mom cried, and Dre almost cried. Izzy was touched and excited to finally hear the pieces he composed for the wedding. It was just... unbelievable. No words to describe it. Beautiful.
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  1. How awesome is that to have your brother compose the songs for your wedding. So very special. We miss you guys! O' and the dresses for the girls are gorgeous!!!