Monday, January 14, 2008

The Flat

Last Wednesday, Andrey and I took off work early to go apartment hunting. After an hour we found one we couldn't deny. Everything in the apartment is brand new and it's vast. It's a two bedroom, two bathroom flat with complimentary water and heat. The location is unbeatable. Two grocery stores are a block away, Starbucks is within a walking disstance as well as another coffee house, the gym is right around the corner, and the apartment is only two to three miles away from the main highway. I could go on and on but I'm completely satisfied. Afterwards we went furniture shopping. I glowed and smiled anticipating our future.

Today we're going to sign the lease but I move in once Dre and I get married. We're also going to get a little cat and name it "Butters." Love it! There's so much to look forward to. We're going furniture shopping this week - planning on purchasing a bedroom set. It's pretty exciting.

:-) Oh the taste of what's ahead... and it only gets better from here.
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