Wednesday, June 25, 2008


(Andrey and I posing with his American Grandmother - Jody)

Andrey and I are finally married!! Big sigh of relief.

But everyday since the previous blog entry has been the worst stress of my life. Much more worse than the stress that came along during Grad School and studying for cumulative finals. So I'm ecstatic that all this wedding planning is over!! OVER!!! I don't ever want to re-marry or plan another wedding. One is enough for a lifetime.

Aside from being here on the honeymoon in the fabulous island of Oahu, Hawaii (pictures to follow) - Andrey and I would like to apologize for overlooked agenda. From the bottom of our hearts due to the hype of the day/ceremony/reception, we profusely apologize for unintentionally leaving out the "Thank You" speech during our wedding reception. Many people deserved public recognition and some were hurt. If we hurt you one way or the other we are extremely sorry.

Just because Andrey and I are already married doesn't mean this blog will cease to exist... if anything it will be more alive than ever!

More to follow so check back soon.
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  1. Beautiful wedding. May God grant you the desires of your hearts according to His purpose and will in your life. Always remember that life is not at all a bed of is also of bed of thorns but no matter what it will be, you have to make HIM the first in your lives so you will withstand any trial and difficulties that will come your way....God will be there for always! Love Him with all your hearts and souls. God bless! I love you.
    Lovingly and prayerfully,