Saturday, January 5, 2008

Half A Year Left

It's hard to believe there's about six months until Andrey and I get married. Time really flies when there's a considerable amount of things to do. I feel a little inundated by the whole process of wedding planning but at the same time I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

There's so much to look forward to. Dre and I are very excited to have a reunion with friends from the past and with family members we haven't seen in eons. We're also looking forward to decorating our apartment. He will be in charge of the hooking up the apartment with electronics and I will be in charge of modernizing our place while utilizing the disciplines of feng shui. We've already decided on how to save up money, our financials, budgeting, down to how to conduct a respectful relationship with our children. There's so much to look forward to beyond the wedding, beyond the years of parenthood, and I just cant wait to experience so many things. I'm absolutely happy.
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  1. not easy Eleanor but if you consider God to be the center of your relationship, there's nothing that you can not do with Him....

    He will make you soar above all your circumstances.