Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Participate in the 100 Happy Days Challenge ✓

I participated and completed the 100 Happy Days project earlier this year via instagram. The intent is good. Basically find at least one good thing a day, document it through pictures via social media of choice, and see how it can positively affect your day. It's brilliant. When I finished it, I didn't continue the challenge, and my days weren't as happy.

Below are some of my documentations of my 100 Happy Days of Challenge. My only gripe is that I can not search my instagram profile for feeds with a #100HappyDays. It's unfortunate. I did, however complete it. Just go to my instagram profile to check out the pictures.

I also joined a community, They have a free app you can post happy moments, etc. along with other people. Get the app and read other peoples happy moments and let your life overfill with love, joy, and happiness.
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