Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Look of Spring 2012

At VV Park.
Looks like heaven on earth.
Magnolias in Bloom

Like I said in my other blog,  I made a BIG (rookie) photography blunder.  I learned something new with my Nikon so I decided to test it out and many of my photos turned out blurred.  Total failure.  It taught me a lesson though, never experiment with photography during important events (my mother in law is visiting from Ukraine).

Anyway, some photos were salvageable so here they are.  It's nice to take photos again.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was so relaxing.

Downtown Bank Entrance

Another view of downtown

Trees budding

Allergy season looks so beautiful

Down by the Riverside

We went to the Putnam Museum where they have dozens of life size animatronic dinosaurs in their exhibit.
It was too cool.  There were a few occasions that caused me to jump.  It was scary yet exciting.

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  1. The pictures that turned out are wonderful! They make me miss the Quad Cities. =)

    1. Let us know when you guys plan on visiting. We should do something.

  2. Great Job! I run at the park and I will have to take more notice of the trees. I wish they would turn on the big fountain soon.

  3. Gorgeous shots of home. We walk/bike/blade on that trail from the casino under the I-74 bridge all the missing it I am right now. Thank you for sharing spring in the QCA with us. It's beautiful.

    1. You'll soon be able to do it again... but I'm sure you'll also miss your friends there in India. I heard you all are leaving at around the same time. It will be bittersweet but the memories are there forever.