Saturday, March 3, 2012

Candies From Heaven

Russian candies are where it's at!!!  We got a call from our friends, Angie and Jenica, a few days ago asking if we wanted something from a Russian store in Colorado.  Um... ABSOLUTELY!!!  And might I add, we stocked up big time with these treats.  I hope it will last for a while... right?  lol.  We're now thankful to have someone to supply us with goodies.

The above are Chocolate Covered Plum and Chocolate Covered Apricot Russian candies.  The plums are my favorite.  What's awesome about Russian candies are that they're not too sweet - gotta love them.  There are other types of Russian candies out there but these are what Dre wanted.  Hopefully next time we'll order an assortment of goodies.

Family Updates:
Well, we had a baby boy - the most adorable baby boy EVER!!!  He keeps life interesting and busy.  Visit our baby blog and check it out:
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