Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just Because
I'm In Denial

I really have no excuse for being withholding in the wide wide world of "blogospheremania" except for sheer laziness and lack of photo taking motivation. Not only that, it's been one of those slow months where there seems to be a lot of commotion but not exactly something I'd write about since I'm in denial about a lot of things.

One of which are close family friends leaving the area. It literally breaks my heart to millions of pieces.

{ Auntie Melanie & Uncle Mark }
The Rankin family are leaving. We've shared so many great memories and also the not so great memories - but through tears and heartache, we've been there for each other -- and I am dearly going to miss them.

{ The Rankin Family }

We had a going away party for them with their closest friends. It was bittersweet... but it's slowly hitting me that they'll be off to Japan soon. But what's also great is that we'll visit them there next year. At least that's something to look forward to. I've also grown attached to little Madison, such a sweet little girl. She really makes me wish that we'll have a daughter someday.

{ Picture of the women at the party.
Not all were included in the picture since
it was taken later in the evening when most
of the people had already left }

{ Picture of the men, but most already had left }
Lots of food and lots of socializing. I'll be so sad when the Rankin's leave. I hate thinking about it.
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