Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fire Up The Barbie!
Shashlik Kebabs

{ Dre as a grill master }
In our effort to be more health conscious, we bought a grill. We went depot hopping to find the perfect sized grill for the perfect price. We started at Sears, then Lowes, then Home Depot, then ended up purchasing one at Menards (where we did save money).

{ Shashlik - a Russian/Middle Eastern Kebab }
I'm pretty lucky I scored a husband who is a phenomenal cook, thus adding on to my repertoire of exotic recipes. He's been spoiling me by cooking lunch and dinner since I've been under the weather. Tonight he grilled a dish called, Shashlik, which is kebab usually made of lamb, but we used filet mignon instead. It was delicious! Can't wait to try out more grilling recipes. It's all new to me.

Oh grilled vegetables, how I miss thee! The grilled veggies were all sorts of divine. Haven't tasted such excellence since summer 2010 at my parent's house during the 4th of July Barbie. But anyway, I'm starting to feel better again and am very excited to finally get a lot of things done... and to learn how to cook new recipes.
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