Monday, June 20, 2011

All The Good Stuff

This past Saturday started off excellent:


On Saturday I received a package from my Auntie Mel from Hawaii. I can not thank her enough for this awesome package full of delish foods. Food makes me sooo happy. Love her, love her, love her dearly!

Package Contents:
- Coconut Macadamia Herbal Tea
- Kona Coffee Macadamia Cookies
- Almond Macadamia Cookies
- Guava Macadamia Cookies
- Coconut Krispies Cookies
- Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts (4)
- Macadamia Nuts Unsalted and Salted (3)
- Seaweed (3)
- Papaya-Pineapple Jam 
- Mango Pineapple Jam

It was pretty sad that the past Saturday was the Rankin's last one in the QC area. Although we are sad to see them leave, we made the best of it by fellowship and eating like kings.

{ Dre, Izzy, and Gabriel }
{ Auntie Mel, Nahira, and Mom resting after eating a buffet of good food }
{ The guys having a discussion about anything - mostly serious stuff }
{ Julie hanging out with the kids: Elian, Nahel, and Madison }
{ Alvin and Zahira visiting from Puerto Rico. Posing with Pretzel & Colette }
{ Lexi & Matthew, young love }
{ Elian and Nahel watching veggie tales }
{ Abigail playing the piano }
{ Nahel playing the piano }
{ Pretzel, Binky Lou, and Maya on the window perch. Such good pets }

Jean is a mean kitty but super cute when he has his cat nip. Put some in a plate so he wouldn't scatter it, but I guess I will still need to whip out the vacuum.

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