Sunday, April 24, 2011

Organic Life

{ Seattle Public Market 2007 }
Dre woke up today and decided to purge all of the unhealthy foods out of the refrigerator. We went to the grocery store afterwards and stocked up on everything organic: products, produce, eggs, and even the meats. I didn't object to his decision because I've been wanting to do this for a long while now. This drastic change is necessary and came at a perfect time since I'm also assisting with a health seminar next month.

The hardest part for me is giving up the soda and the coffee. I can deal with letting go of unhealthy and processed foods, but lack of my favourite drinks got me in a state of withdrawal. It's pretty crazy. But little by little, one goes far.

I think this lifestyle change is more difficult than the challenge I had when I became vegan in 2003. True, I was vegan for almost two years, but I was also an unhealthy one at that. It was carbs galore for me and I actually gained weight. It was difficult, but I think that maintaining a healthier lifestyle will be, most definitely, challenging.
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