Tuesday, April 24, 2012

An Alternative To Boiled Eggs

We had some almost expiring eggs in our fridge.  The thought of boiling and then tediously peeling them made me want to cringe.  I thought about frying them but I just cleaned the stove top and didn't want to dirty it up.  Then I got hungry for an egg sandwich.  To kill two birds in one stone I decided to put some eggs up in that Sandwich Express.  All you need is spray oil, a spatula, and eggs.  This Sandwich Express cooks 4 eggs evenly in 3 minutes (depending on how cooked you want them).  So win!
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  1. Thanks, I love this recipe! It is so tasty to eat for breakfast. Recently I start to make it in the sandwich maker. It is more convinient and faster to make. Also, it won't be burnt. I found my appliance on Bestadvisor.com/sandwich-maker , though you can check there some other good models)