Tuesday, October 12, 2010

#12 - Chicken Breast Tocino Kebabs

Challenge 12: Cook 100 New Recipe Dishes
Recipe: Chicken Breast Tocino Kebabs
(Recipe: 6/100)


- Chicken Breast (Organic) cut in squares (4 lbs)
- Mama Sitas Tocino Mix (2 packets) (Purchase at oriental grocery stores)
- Onions
- Wooden Kebab sticks

1. Cut the chicken breasts in cubes.
2. Add the Mama Sitas Tocino Mix and stir. Marinate overnight.
3. Soak kebab sticks in water for 10 minutes. This will prevent it from burning.
4. Alternate chicken and onions on the kebab.
5. Cook it in the grill, rotating to cook all sides. Brush marinating mix to the kebabs while while cooking.

Excellent dish for my birthday! My husband truly enjoyed it. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Love this dish. I cant believe it tasted so good.

I can't believe I'm 30 years young!!! It feels absolutely fabulous. Autumn was right about turning 30. I feel more sophisticated. I'm not even ashamed to admit my age. :-) Kept my 30th pretty simple this year. It started off with receiving abundant love from my friends in facebook who wished me a happy birthday, followed by my brother coming over early in the morning to greet me a Happy Birthday - also gave a gift. He joined us for breakfast as well. Dre cooked this amazing Russian Mushroom Soup, toast, and tea. I went shopping after breakfast - a good solid 4 hours of retail therapy. For lunch I cooked some kebabs, and for the afternoon, Dre and I went to see the Social Network movie (good movie), followed by a nice romantic dinner at Granite City. It was nice and mellow - and I absolutely loved it. A party is way too extravagant and would have probably stressed me out a lot.

So anyway, below are pictures of my husband cooking Russian dishes at my parent's house this past weekend. They were EXCELLENT dishes as well. I will cook some Russian dishes in the future and will put it on here.

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  1. Looks yummy! Bet I could make it with tender bits, lol! :)

    Glad you had an awesome birthday!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful relaxing birthday with good eats! It so happens that we're going to grill almost the same chicken kabobs as you, except ours is cajun flavored....this was before seeing and reading your blog, hehe. It's also good to have a hubby that can cook :o) What did you buy during your retail therapy??

  3. Happy b-day!!!! Nice pictures from Ukraine!

    Btw: How can I follow you???