Sunday, September 7, 2008

Where Did the Time Go?

Where did the time go? Suddenly every morning I travel to work in the dark, and oddly enough I pull in the driveway in the evening and it's still dark!

It's like work sucks out all the energy in me. But enough about work and more about the married life.

It seems like everyone is having a baby. From Hollywood A-Lists to the D-Lists... and then us, the common people. My mother has been begging for a grandchild and practically everyone else wants to know what our children will look like. Sometimes I wonder if people ask us about children because it's the next step after marriage, or perhaps there's nothing much to talk about. How exactly does one start a conversation with a newly married couple?

The top three questions we get are:
  1. How is married life?
  2. How are the newlyweds?
  3. When are the kids coming?
So I'm going to answer them:

1. How is married life?
It's swell. Fairly easy. No deal breakers yet. Dre is very patient and Eleanor is very tolerant. The his and hers bathrooms are brilliant!!!

2. How are the newlyweds?
We're tired. Wanna do our laundry?

3. When are the kids coming?
A year or two from now. Not ready for kids yet. We're tired all the time and the financials must be congruent to the best possible timing. Just got married a little over two months ago - we need to settle down first before embarking on to parenthood.

But seriously, time is going by pretty fast. It's fall (my favorite season) and it makes me want to organize because students go back to school. Maybe I miss it... but I know that I feel old when I see a herd of college students shopping at Target or studying at coffee houses. That same scenario used to include me.
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1 comment:

  1. Love all of your thoughts and photos Eleanor! Back to the finacial planning blog--good for you guys! We've been doing the same, and it became quite the game of thrift, penny pinching, etc... Now, I have a really hard time spendng money at all, but that's not so bad, I guess!? :)

    You're cat is gorgeous!!! Wow!!! Thanks for posting pics of him.

    On to married life...well, you've got time for the kids so we won't bug you about that. Yesterday, one of my girlfriends told me about her new pregnancy. I wanted to suprise Andrew and made him guess who it was...ya know, he guessed you first! :) The girls were so disapointed that it wasn't you. But, it's a good idea to get some rest now before the babies come, because it's pretty much a napless life afterward! lol

    P.S. Thanks for the kind, kind, blog note you left us. You made my day!

    Love to you all! Autumn & Family