Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our Little Romantic Getaway

Yesterday was my first day off since the honeymoon and I've been really stressed. My sweet husband gave me $50 to spend any way I want, he said I deserved it. He suggested that I go and get a massage but I chose not to. I went to the mall and bought two pairs of shoes (75% on sale), and a cardigan instead.

Nonetheless we have been mentally stressed out and looked considerably to get away to some day spa. But since we've been trying to save money, tonight I made him his own relaxing environment - which I too will reap later this week - and then gave him his, "alone time" to relax and unwind. He loved it - it's priceless. After the spa thing, he went straight to bed. Poor thing haven't had any quality sleep this week. But I love doing things for him... willingly. :-)

Day Spa = $90 to $200

Our Own Aromatherapy Spa:
$5.00 - Tea Light Candles (pack of 100)
$1.25 - Bath Salts (1 small pack of bath salts)
$4.99 - Strawberries
$2.49 - Whipped Cream:
$13.73 - Total (Cant beat that)

Pictures of our home spa below

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