Monday, May 28, 2007

Premarital Counseling

We had our first Premarital Conseling yesterday. It was interesting. The pastor gave each of us a 100 question scantron survey. The questions get intimate but our results will show areas we need most help on. The pastor helps our weaknesses become strengths.

During the conseling session, the pastor asked, "Have any of you read the book, The Five Love Languages?" The pastor looked at me thinking I might have read it, but Dre comes out and says, "Yes, I read it," followed by verbalizing the five types of love languages. That was interesting. It raised a brows. *smile*

When the pastor left, I made fun of Dre for reading more relationship books that I had ever read. He laughed and responded with, "Why do you think our relationship is working?" Exactly! But it also takes two... to tango!

Another thing I learned from this conseling session is the art of cheating in the work place (now also online), followed by a divorce. Usually when a need is not met at home, the need is longed for elsewhere. In this scenario, the husband or wife, would verbalize their problems to the opposite sex (at work, at the gym, online chatting, etc). This leads to an emotional attachment of a need being fulfilled by someone else other than the mate - which thus leads to immoral trysts. So the couple who previously made a commitment to each other no longer functions as a team, but functions as a separate entity void of love and a broken marriage. Marriage that was pure to begin with had become tainted because the couple lost focus on what was really important - their commitment, respect, and marriage to each other.

So the lesson learned is to never to voice out frustrations to any of your friends or to the opposite sex about your mate. True that relationships aren't always riding on cloud 9, but everybody doesn't need to know.

As for me, I'm trying to keep our problems to ourselves. Why does the world need to know? Our business is not the world's business. Likewise, the world's business is not our business. We work on our problems together. I guess this is a reason Dre and I are still together. :-)
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