Saturday, May 26, 2007


It's been a difficult process choosing a photographer. Dre, my parents, and I want separate things. To settle, we all decided that we'll have two photographers present at the wedding: one professional wedding photographer, and one professional (non-wedding) photographer who is a friend of the groom.

But one day I went shopping at the mall and there was a display with gorgeous, dramatic, glamorous wedding photos. The monologues in my mind, "I think we have a winner" was automatic. My mom liked it too so we're going with that photographer in addition to Dre's friend. I guess it worked out pretty well.

I want the photos to capture the moment, the emotion, with lots of depth and glamour. Plain pictures are just bla. So are candid amature pictures. I'm just so picky.

As for the florist and the musicians, we're still looking around. Not too thrilled with the ones we've had contact with. So more on that later.
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