Thursday, October 31, 2013

All About UGG Boots - The Comprehensive Guide

The first time my eyes beheld UGG boots was circa 2003. They were the UGGliest things to ever hit the fashion scene. I cringed every time I saw women wear them. To me they depicted the ultimate sloppy, lazy persona of walking out of bed to mingle with people of Wal-Mart. Boy was I ever wrong.

I bought my first UGG boots 3 weeks ago out of necessity: to be comfortable, warm, and agile enough to run after my toddler son should we be out and about meandering all over town (during the colder seasons). So, for my 33rd birthday, UGG boots were the gift to myself.

It took me a while to actually hit the store to try on these boots. I'm the "research-ad-nauseum-ad-infinitum" type of consumer. I read endless reviews, and then weigh the pros and cons - especially when it will be a big purchase. Let's face it, these boots aren't cheap - they're a luxury to own. Avoid buyers remorse? You betcha!

Below are things to consider when buying the UGG boots:

  • Decisions, decisions, decisions 
    You get to the store and find yourself in front of the UGG section and are inundated with a plethora of different styles. That was me! I didn't know which style to try on, so I asked the shop girl to get 5 different styles in my size and in different colors. It's literally like finding the perfect wedding dress - it's a big decision so you have to come out of the experience totally in love with it. I tried on everything. Shop girl didn't seem to mind. I created a positive rapport with her prior to asking for help.
    • *** Coloured insoles can rub off on your white socks.
  • Losing Your UGG Virginity 
    You will love it! The first time I stepped into the style featured above, it felt like my feet were enveloped and bathed in the warmth and coziness of clouds. My gosh, it was absolutely wonderful. So snug and comfortable. Warm toes are the way to go.
  • Size & Fit
    In most boots, I usually get 1/2 size larger since I wear thick socks, but UGG boots only come in whole sizes. Make sure you try on different sizes and get the boot that is perfectly sung and comfortable to walk in. Don't just walk a couple of feet with them at the store, walk around the whole perfume and make-up section if need be. 
  • Socks or Not To Socks
    Some people suggest that you don't have to wear socks when wearing UGG boots, but it's better if you do. Feet sweat and when they are marinated for long hours day after day of use... the shoe will cause absolute disgust in the aroma area of the senses. People suggest to powder the insides to absorb the sweat, but it can get disgusting in there. WEAR SOCKS! 
    • *** If you have long toe nails, I suggest trim them. In the long run, long toe nails will rub on to the top of the boots and will create a hole. (See picture) If you wear socks, this could be prevented.
  • Arch Support & Insoles
    There is no arch support with such UGG boots. If you have plantar problems, put your inserts on top of the sole. It doesn't lift up. Worn out insoles? No problem, you can buy insoles here: Insoles 01, Insoles 02
  • Leather/Suede Protection
    There is an UGG kit you can buy - but you can get away with just the UGG Sheepskin Water and Stain Repellent. It will do the job. I even used the spray in some of my suede jackets and pumps. Spray once a month for protection.
  • Storage
    Once you decide on a specific style, ask for an untouched pair - meaning, boots that have not been tried on. These boots will come with a shoe form. Keep these in order to maintain the boot's form when storing them away. They are fantastic. 
  • Wet & Dry Weather
    Avoid wearing UGG boots when it's wet outside. These boots are made of sheepskin, and when it gets wicked wet, they tend to smell. Also, a drop of water fell on my boots the other day, when it dried, it created a watermark. If you bought the UGG Kit, you can remove the stain using the brush. Watch the video in the link for more information -or- remove the watermark stain by rubbing it back and forth. 
    • *** Avoid cooking when wearing these boots. Oil and grease will stain the boots... permanently.
  • Real vs. Fake
    First of all... to eliminate such the problem, purchase UGG shoes only in trusted department stores or online shoe stores that are legitimate, see link below, otherwise there is a chance that they will be fake. You don't want to get duped. Second, there are things to look for when buying Authentic UGG shoes:
    • Look through this gallery from the official UGG website to learn how to spot fake UGG boots
    • The tags inside the boot should have some kind of reflective security label sewn in the left shoe or in the shoe box. (see picture) 
    • Buying online? Here is a list of authorized online retailers.
  • Things I Missed
    I missed a lot here. If you have anything to add, leave it in the comments section.
My UGGs in action:

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  1. Um yes...Uggs are amazing. And 'uggliest'--that made me laugh so hard:)!!!!!

  2. ugly, I don't want to wear anything like matter what style it is...NOPE!