Saturday, June 1, 2013

12 Steps To Self Care

The previous two weeks had been particularly challenging. Owning your own company with your husband isn't exactly the ideal dream life. In such a case, all means of normalcy ceases to exist. Between catching deadlines, running errands, working 15 hour days, business calls, wanting to smash your smart mobile across the room, taking care of reality, making everyone happy, feeling guilty for not spending enough time with our son and pets, and not getting quality time together in a married life - life gets pretty hectic. In such the environment, the only normal is to be bitter, cynical, and negative.

I stumbled upon the image above in facebook. I read it and let it sink in. Within minutes, I was transformed. Hope and motivation suddenly emerged from all the negative energy.

  • How often do we let circumstance control our lives? 
  • How often do we become the worst versions of ourselves because we can't manage everything that is thrown at us? 
  • How often do we put ourselves in our own world of hell because we're too hard on ourselves?
It's quite important to take care of ourselves - not only physically, but mentally. It's a different form of detox that I like to call, bliss. I encourage you to look at the list above and see what you need to improve to love and take care of yourself from the inside. 
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