Friday, July 18, 2008

All Things Exotic

Our wedding theme pretty much was based on the "International" theme - more so... "ALL THINGS EXOTIC!" per Andrey's little infatuation. ha ha ha. :-)

A few days ago we went to the Asian Market. It was Andrey's first visit to such a place. As crazy and odd as it is for someone "non-asian" to see what was inside such stores, Andrey had an excited reaction. He was absolutely adorable. He was like a little kid opening presents during Christmas morning, inundated with all the new things, with all things exotic. He wanted to try everything vegetarian so we loaded up our little cart with all things exotic. lol. it was so funny.

So... it went really well. Our marriage is definitely fun, exciting with many things unheard to discover. Which was another reason I wanted to marry an international man of mystery... Russian/Ukrainian. Yes!!!!

With this whole international deal, Andrey's parents advised me to learn how to speak Russian. Andrey's sister, Marina, is engaged. My in-laws were not able to attend our wedding in the USA so Marina and Alex decided to get married in Ukraine in 2009. Thus, we are all traveling there next year!!! I FINALLY MEET THEM!!!! :-) Dre is already teaching me a few phrases. I'm super excited!!!
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