Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Belle of the Ball

One of the high points of wedding planning is actually trying gowns on - which was what happened today with my mother.

Today the wedding officially became a reality. It was extremely exciting for me - at the same time, it felt absolutely divine - a significant day of my life.

My gown consultant brought out dress after dress and I twirled with every single one. The lovely consultant, who had the feeling of "fashionable-sweet-grandmother" made me feel like the most beautiful bride in the world. She made me feel as if every event unfolding will be perfect - she made me feel calm and relaxed.

As I stood on the step she kept fixing me up, my tiara, my veil, the dress trail; she let the dresses flow and then made me admire myself in the mirror. She smiled and whispered, "Beautiful."

I'm finally wearing a weddidng gown! I never thought I'd see the day I'd wear one - wow. What an experience.

I wanted to keep all of them. Everything seemed to be perfect - except that they didn't have the dress of my dreams in stock... which was insignificant because the dress costs a lot of money. Kind of impractical.

But it was an amazing feeling. What was more amazing was my mother - she was actually supportive. :-) Wow.

So I have 3 months to make a decision on which gown to wear. Out of 15 gowns, only 5 passed the final stage. As for the winner, I'm still deciding. :-)
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